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Live Results and the Team Admin app

Get Team Administrators to enter scores and statistics as they happen

  • Display live scores in real-time on your free league website
  • Share the task of getting scores and statistics into your league with Team Administrators
  • Free iOS and Android apps make it quick and easy to enter scores and statistics
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LeagueRepublic Team Admin app

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Availability based or template based scheduling.

Supports all competition formats.

Results and Statistics

A flexible scoring and statistics system, letting you decide who can enter results and stats and in the format you want.

Player Registration

Register people with optional online payments via Stripe.

Manage people with different roles and security.


Keep everyone up to date with updates via your website, website integration, email and posting to Facebook and Twitter.

Site Builder

A quick and easy way to add content to your website. Earn money for your sponsors.

Friendly Support

A free online chat system to help you every step of the way.

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League Administration System

The FA required a bespoke online league administation system that would;

Cut the work load of league administrators
Help maintain the important relationship with its members through online communication
Be safe and secure with only authorised users

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