League website with Branding

Use your own domain name

No LeagueRepublic header bar

Upload your own header image

Customise your website's menu

No advertisements on website

Upload your own background image


LeagueRepublic league website with Branding add-on

League website without Branding

Use a free LeagueRepublic sub-domain

LeagueRepublic header bar is shown

Use stock header images

Menu items can not be re-ordered

Advertisements appear on pages

No background image


LeagueRepublic league website without Branding add-on

No more ads

Branding allows you to remove all banner advertisements from your league website

We also remove all LeagueRepublic marketing displays like the header bar and the footer information.

Enjoy your league website with no ads
Create your own menu and pages

Create your own menu and webpages

Re-arrange menu items and create your own pages with content that is important to your league

Get data into your own website

If you already have a website then you can use the data from LeagueRepbulic in your own web-application, see website integration

Use JSON web services in your own website

Make your league your own with Branding

  • Remove all advertisements that display on your website on the free plan
  • Use your own domain name instead of the free LeagueRepublic sub-domain
  • Use our web integration features to pull data to your own webapp or website, see website integration
  • Upload your own header image shown in the top section of your website
  • Upload your own background image shown in every page behind the main content
  • Upload your own favicon image shown in web browser tabs and bookmarks
  • Add league sponsors to your website to increase income
  • Customise your menu by re-ordering and adding your own menu items
  • Create your own pages and display custom content
  • Create custom widgets and display images and videos on various pages in your website
  • Pay annually based on league size, to find out more see pricing